Bill White Book Means Temporary Autographs

Will he ever autograph
a card again?

I just found Bill White’s memoir Uppity at the library.

I’ve just started reading. I cheated, seeking out a review before I started.

There’s no clue in the index for the “A” word.


Sure enough, I’ve seen a couple of photos of the former All-Star, National League president and Yankees broadcaster at bookstores…

holding a pen!

Yes, the author has been signing for book buyers.

White made hobby news when he contacted baseball address list maker Harvey Meiselman. He wanted no more fan mail. White wanted removed from future listings. For the past decade, White signed grudgingly (at most), taking years to respond to the ultra-few lucky collectors he’d acknowledge.

When White took this huge step, the hobby world assumed it might never see a White autograph ever again. Now, the speculation grows. Will a book buyer be able to convince Bill White to autograph a card?

Coming Tuesday: Cardinals pitcher Dick Hughes compares Jack Buck and Harry Caray.

2 thoughts on “Bill White Book Means Temporary Autographs”

  1. I met White at his booksigning in New Jersey. It was advertised that no outside items were to be autographed. After the signing was over, people waited around and he signed one “extra” item for those that were waiting. I had him sign another book and my friend got an index card signed. He said that he hates doing shows because he doesn’t like charging for his signature. After reading his book, you will understand why he doesn’t sign in the mail anymore. It’s a good read.


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