Tom Seaver Screams, ‘Not Chris Bando!’

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Donruss featured both
Bandos in the 1982 set.
Why not a card of
the brothers together?

Faith and humility. They served catcher Chris Bando through the 1980s as a major leaguer.

Today, the devout believer embraces the same values as head coach of the San Diego Christian College Hawks.

I asked for memories of his older brother Sal Bando. Chris Bando replied:

“I was never 1/2 the player my brother was. I only had vision in one eye which paralyzed me at times, but no one knew this.”

Bando blossomed in 1984, posting career highs for the Indians. How?

“Tom, I received a chance to play every day, which allowed me to not worry, knowing I’d be in there the next game if I didn’t hit.”

Future Hall of Famer Tom Seaver became a meal ticket for Bando. The catcher batted .714 off “Tom Terrific.” Admirably, Bando downplayed his mastery of the veteran, explaining:

“Tom Seaver was on his way out and he threw high ’80s and FB was straight. He threw a lot of FB and I was a FB hitter.”

The San Diego Christian College website offers a detailed biography of Chris Bando and a look at the coach today.

Coming Wednesday: Witnessing Casey Blake’s big heart.


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  1. kregg says:

    I remember both Bandos. Sounds like Chris is doing great work for God. What’s Sal up to these days?

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