Reds Pitcher Ed Erautt Shined In 1949

At age 86, he’s still signing!

 Pitcher Ed Erautt proved one of my basic beliefs about baseball.

Sometimes, the game isn’t about a hit, play or even pitch. Sometimes, baseball is all about a feeling.

On May 29, 1949, Erautt spun a four-hitter against the Cubs. What memory stays with him?

“The confidence I could do it.”

Thanks to, the day lives on.

Although August 5 of that same season didn’t produce a win or save, Erautt struck out six Brooklyn Dodgers in a four-inning HITLESS relief stint. What K was most satisfying?

“Striking out Campanella.”

Erautt’s father played semi-pro ball in Saskatchewan. He trained his two boys as batterymates. Brother Joe Erautt (born in Canada three years before Ed) wound up as a cup-of-coffee catcher with the White Sox in 1950-51. How could two boys avoid the lure of hockey, that call from north of the border?

“My brother and I did play semi-pro hockey. My brother saw me play in the Majors. Dad did not, but my Mother did.”

Although this feature interview from accomplished Pacific Coast League historian Bill Swank is 15 years old, it’s a great look at the years Erautt spent in the high minors.

Tomorrow: What did pitcher Ron Negray pitch after baseball?


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  1. I met Ed Erautt in 1955, just before a game with the Sacramento Solons. I was five, and Ed was a friend of my father, I believe that they met in the army. I am starting a biography for Ed for SABR. I would appreciate any information I could get, particularly about his time in the service. Also, the Bill Swank interview link is dead, any help with that would be appreciated. Thank you
    Bruce Enos


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