Lew Krausse’s Greatest Win Came Off the Field!

Lew still has that
ornate “L” in his sig!

Same name.
Both pitchers.
Both Athletics.

Like father, like son.

The second Lew Krausse enjoyed a longer career than Dad. I asked if Lew’s father (who died in 1988) ever got to attend.

“Yes, he was at my first game and many more.”

Krausse bypassed an invitation to brag, when I asked for details on any of his six home runs.

“I think the first was the most memorable.”

With thanks to http://www.retrosheet.org/, I see that Krausse is referring to a blast off White Sox pitcher Jim O’Toole July 22, 1967.

Milwaukee fans remember Krausse as the team’s 1970 Opening Day pitcher. The Brewers had him back in 2010 for a 40th anniversary celebration. Memories of 1970?

“It was difficult being on an expansion team.”

I didn’t ask about his greatest achievement as a player, but Lew added this career reflection:

“It was a great experience. I met my wife on a flight.”

Tomorrow: Speaking of Jim O’Toole, enjoy the Reds Hall of Famer’s memory of announcer Waite Hoyt!

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