Be a Hobby Hit on Valentine’s Day

Day Card???

Thank you, everyone!

“Baseball By The Letters” will be celebrating a one-year anniversary this month. For the 42 followers (and my so-supportive Mom), I am grateful for your attention and your encouragement. And each comment? Every one left seems like a valentine, no matter what the date.

Most of all, to the incredible Diana — this blog, and this correspondent, offer love and appreciation  for your constant inspiration.

Now, it’s your turn:

Who are the people who keep you collecting — those loving souls who give you stamps, space, time and patience?

And is there even one current or former player who’s truly made your day with an above-and-beyond reply?

Now’s the time to thank them. Please, share here. Most importantly, share with them!

I read about Stephen Strasburg getting a get-well card from a Little Leaguer who faced a similar injury. Strasburg lavished the kid with a personal reply. In his letter, the pitching phenom told the boy that autograph collectors always want something.

It’s time for shock and delight. Pick a favorite signer and ask for nothing.

P.S. – be prepared if you go to google images to seek a “Valentine” image. I had to search for red hearts. There were tons of pictures of BOBBY! Ellis and Fred take back seats to the apparent king of Valentines!

2 thoughts on “Be a Hobby Hit on Valentine’s Day”

  1. I have two people in my life that support my addiction, also known as my hobby. The first is my wife who understood that I had this hobby and would continue it long after we were married. She likes to see the surprises that I get and how excited I get to receive them. The other person is my friend, Bill, who lives in another state but shares the passion and excitement of the hobby with me.

    Also, I make custom 4×6 photos and offer the player to keep copies of the photos. If they keep a photo, I often go back and make photos of them in the uniforms of all the teams that they played with and send those to them as a thank you.

    Keep up the great work, Tom. I love visiting this site everyday. And, thank you for the contribution you bring to my wonderful hobby.

  2. Thank you, Tim! I started this blog to prove that I wasn’t alone in my “hobby” views. I am grateful to you and all other kindred spirits out there.

    To all the spouses and pals who cheer on our collecting, we appreciate you! (Shy guys, print this out and leave it where the supportive ones can see it…don’t take our allies for granted!)


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