TTM Inspiration From Cub Bobby Scales

I live near the Iowa Cubs. I’m not the typical minor league fan. Other fans dream of being able to say, “I saw superstars before they were super!”

For me, I’m happy to say that I saw Bobby Scales in action.

He was the American Idol contestant who didn’t care what Simon thought. He wasn’t looking over his shoulder, checking his age or surveying his future. He was happy playing NOW. The joyful utilityman had a plan. Goals!

It’s small wonder that Scales is a school teacher in the off-season. He taught by example.

I think about how some collectors might just “phone in” their autograph request letters. They are writing to goal-oriented achievers, yet the hobbyists don’t share any of their hobby goals.

Are you trying to complete a set?
Are you trying to collect autographs from all the members of one team?
Are you displaying the autographs in a unique way?
Are you getting the signatures for a friend or relative?

Don’t keep your goals a secret. No, spelling it all out isn’t a guarantee. It IS a game plan, something to set you apart from the many other aimless letter writers who make generic appeals for signatures.

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