Free Tools For Autograph Collectors?

Here come the Valentine’s Day cards!


The news should be music to an autograph collector’s ears. Pay attention to the store selling (and restocking!) greeting cards. I won’t name the good people at the nearby drugstore, because they might get scolded by management or the card distributors.

My wife and I saw a stack of empty envelopes on the counter. The checker smiled.

“Help yourself. Take all you want.”

Big, red envelopes. Greeting card sized envelopes! I assume these were headed for a recycling bin.

Yes, envelopes aren’t expensive. The point is finding an expressive envelope. If a retiree is sorting mail, your odd-sized letter will need to go in a festive pile of its own.

Plus, using unwanted greeting card envelopes is cheaper than sending chocolates!

Tomorrow: Tony Oliva’s Christmas gift to a collector!

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