My Choice for Hobby Rookie of Year

Whether he’s “Detroit Dizzle,” “Urf” or Brian (his Clark Kent-like alter ego), I’ve got another name for him:

Hobby Rookie of the Year

I don’t think I’ve raved enough about the greatness of Give them $14.99, and they’ll give you the world of autographs for a year.

As I’ve checked the successes posted by other collectors, one post-er stood out. Someone is having TONS of fun with autographs.

Who is this joyous newcomer? I wrote him. The laid-off steel worker who’s gone back to school to finish his degree responded:

My best friend and I used to collect cards as kids. Around 7th grade, I stopped collecting but my buddy continued. Recently, he told me about collecting autographs ttm and when I took a trip to visit him and his wife over the summer, he showed me this site. I joined in early October and have been addicted ever since. I busted out all of my old cards that I haven’t looked at for over 15 years and began sending out requests.

I simply send off to players I remember as a kid but I also try to send out to any Detroit athletes. My first goal was to get a card signed by a Piston, Red Wing, Tiger, Lion, Spartan, Wolverine, Shock player and a golfer born in Michigan. I am close to finishing that project and I will be moving on to the 68 Tigers team. acquiring every 86 Met is another project I am undertaking, but it is one that will obviously take a good bit of time and money.

Most of my success notes are just me being dumb. The rest of the stuff I write is simply to entertain myself. Instead of saying– “player x didn’t answer my questions,” I will say “urf will have to wait until player x’s truth serum kicks in.” I just try to make the comments informative, yet ridiculous.

I admit that I was never sent an autographed sushi recipe and I never received the wrong answers to my ?s. since a lot of people receive the wrong cards, I thought it would be funny if I claimed that I got the wrong answers to my questions. I understand that I run the risk of confusing people so I try to make sure the important information is clear before I leave some dumb comment.

I have a lot of fun participating in this hobby. It is a great way for me to return to a childlike state of mind that isn’t worried about the war, unemployment, the economy, etc. Believe the hype. Detroit is a mess. The people here are hardworking, generous people who love their sporting teams but the decline of the auto industry is killing us. Most people are involved with the auto industry, whether it be outside suppliers, dealerships, or the big 3’s factory workers/employees.

This hobby helps me to loose the negative vibes and have some fun.”

I wish “Urf” a Happy Hobby New Year. He reminds us that collecting isn’t about price guides and complete sets, but having fun while remembering baseball OUR WAY.

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