Jim Palmer Beware! Mike Cubbage Has A Bat!!!

Mike Cubbage did his best to keep Jim Palmer out of Cooperstown.

Facing the future Hall of Famer, Cubbage teed off on Palmer for a .394 average. He collected 13 hits, according to the ever-trusty http://www.retrosheet.org/.

Cubbage remembered in a fine letter:

“I saw Palmer well. Strange, because he was more of a high fastball pitcher and I was a low fastball hitter. Anyway, also saw his curveball and change-up well.

Thanks for asking,
Mike Cubbage”

Some fans remember Cubbage from his two-sport playing days at the University of Virginia. Nice photo of young “Cubbie!”

1 thought on “Jim Palmer Beware! Mike Cubbage Has A Bat!!!”

  1. Ever just remember something that happened as a kid? I am 47 now and was just thinking about my grandfather who lived in Melbourne FL and would take me to Spring Training games when I went down to visit. I can’t remember the year, whether Mike was playing for the Rangers or the Twins, but I remember that he had a habit that greatly annoyed my g-father. After EVERY pitch, Mike would stand at first base and take his glove off, look around, then put it back on. Every time my g-father would notice he’d yell “PUT YOUR GLOVE ON CUBBAGE! [PAUSE] THANK YOU!”

    As a grandson it was quite funny, but I imagine the people around us got tired of it!

    Anyway, brought a tear to my eye remembering good times and glad to see that Mike is scouting now.


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