Boston Bill Monbouquette’s Career Confession

Same Great Sig, Same Humor!

Beloved Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill Monbouquette has faced challenges bigger than any hitter of late. Diagnosed with leukemia, he underwent a bone marrow transplant. He’s endured, maintaining a healthy sense of humor.

I looked at his career stats, namely his 78 complete games and 18 shutouts. I noted he was an “inning eater.” How did he carry such a workload? Before answering, Monbouquette agreed with me. I felt like Agatha Christie, getting the butler to say that he did it.

“Yes, I was an inning eater.

“I threw every day. Wanted that stiffness out of my body.”

He learned about pitching through one of the world’s greatest hitters: Ted Williams.

“Loved talking to Ted about baseball. ‘Pitch ahead. Make the hitter hit your pitch.'”

How popular was the hurler? Check out the song he inspired!

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