‘One Iowan To Another’ Photo Inscribed

“Tom — One Iowan To Another.”

In the coming week, I’ll share who signed a photo to me with this inscription.

Meanwhile, here’s a challenge for all the autograph collectors out there, those who are unsure about asking questions. In fact,I predict there’s some skeptical hobbyists who are unsure if the signers even read the letters.

Ask for a personalized inscription. Don’t wait for the signer to surprise you. Request something made out to YOU, not the generic “2X All-Star” notation. Spell it out for them Maybe you’re writing to a fellow alum from your college? Have someone wish you a happy 40th birthday. Make a connection.

See if it works. See if your letter gets read and your request followed. In fact, you might get more of a response than you ever imagined. If you hear from that signer, write them back with a thank-you note. Then, ask a question about their career.

Memories by mail. It’s one of the best bargains a baseball fan can find these days.

2 thoughts on “‘One Iowan To Another’ Photo Inscribed”

  1. I plan on it, I am not asking for autos either, my first three going out tomorrow. Frank J Thomas, Virgil Trucks and Lee MacPhail

  2. Great news, Josh! Keep us posted, please. You can find lots of autographed baseballs, cards and more on ebay. I like the challenge of getting a one-of-a-kind collectible: a hand-written memory, all on my own. Good luck!!!


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