Autograph Collectors: Postal Service Wants Your Two Cents’ Worth PLUS 44

The Postal Service issued a wake-up call to collectors this month. The move is afoot to raise first-class postage from 44 to 46 cents on Jan. 2, 2011.

If you send just one autograph letter per day (with SASE), you’ll be paying $14.60 more.

There’s still time to protest. There is a commission that’ll make the decision on increasing the prices. Contact them if you’d like to stamp out the price increase.

Meanwhile, load up on those FOREVER stamps for your self-addressed envelopes. That way, tardy signers won’t have their responses impounded.

Bless all the carriers who’ve been delivering SASEs sent before the barrage of postal increases — many before FOREVER stamps were options. I’ve read of long-awaited autographs appearing with a 37-cent stamp. I believe that the USPS delivery brigade is filled with good folks. They must have a hunch that something special awaits inside those envelopes.

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