Dodgers Blue Heaven Blog Unites Fans, Collectors of Baseball Letters

I’m impressed. Ernest Reyes is redefining what a baseball team blog is — or can be.

Once, I thought team blogs only analyzed past games or previewed upcoming match-ups. Ernest has expanded his Dodgers Blue Heaven readership to please Dodger fans and collectors.

Scouring the internet, he’s found sellers offering hand-written letters from former Dodgers. These gems don’t come up often. However, here’s a 2009 example Ernest excavated, the story of a “cup of coffee“ pitcher‘s 1951 debut at Ebbets Field against Stan Musial.

The letters have hooked another blogmaster! He wrote:

“At first, I didn’t specifically seek out those letters on eBay. I stumbled across them. As I read them I thought they would great to share. I found the first person perspective of their career fascinating, especially stories about facing a legendary soon to be Hall of Famer or their first major league hit, at-bat or pitch. Often, you could tell that their memories of that one moment was still vivid in their minds, even if their memories of nearly everything else had faded with time. Now, I regularly seek them out on eBay or other auction houses.”

Hurray for Ernest and all bloggers who preserve baseball’s hand-written memories.

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