Admiring “The Amazing Shea Stadium Autograph Project”

“Get your own autograph!”

No, I don’t think that was a line from a Seinfeld episode. I do think it might be good advice for collectors.

Take a look at The Amazing Shea Stadium Autograph Project blog. I think collector Lee Harmon is doing many things right in his hobby game plan. The Mets have amazed Harmon. Harmon amazes me.

1. He found a way to go beyond blank index cards as collectibles. These homemade, customized cards are beauties! The only problem I could imagine is the player who loves the look of the custom so much they want to send back a common gum card substitute.

2. He’s set a specific goal. I think too many collectors flame out trying to get every card ever made signed, one signature of every player in history or some other huge, frustrating task.

3. He’s letting ex-Mets be famous again. If you were told that you were one of just 791 people being asked for a signature because of your unique past (playing in Shea), wouldn’t you want to help? Retirees should like helping Harmon with his goal, considering that they tried to achieve goals for years as players.

4. His collection is personal. Harmon’s blog shows how he loves the team. Most of all, through his own card (and HIS OWN autograph), he proves how he treasures the memory of Shea.

For some of the tough signers, I’d think Harmon could point them to the blog. Here’s proof that he’d honor any autograph he receives. While he’s not promising to get any old-timer back in the Mets lineup, he’s sharing their career and life story with more than 10,000 readers. Not a bad consolation prize.

A standing O to Lee Harmon. I’ll stay tuned!

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