Placing a value on current baseball autographs

RichsRamblingsRich Klein knows.

Just like that E.F. Hutton commercial, I listened to him when he was part of the Beckett team. The same respect remains today.

Check out his clear insights on the costs of getting an autograph, be it by mail, in-person at a show or from a dealer. And, here’s someone who remembers how important it is for a show attendee to get a chance to meet the guest signer.

Ramblings? Rich is anything but. Check out his archives, too. Hobby shows won’t die, as long as we have old-school supporters like Rich.

SportsCollectors Daily, you have an all-star on your roster!

Look closer at that baseball card!

Don Mossi and 15 other Detroit players, coaches (and even trainer) appeared beside new Fords in a postcard set in 1962. The stories about this day would amaze!

I loved Rich Klein’s recent “Ramblings” column on the so-fun Sports Card Daily site.

“What should I ask about in a letter?” is a common question.

Even the smallest career (or non-career) may have been depicted on at least one baseball card.

Retired players may not have great insights about teammates or opponents. However, I’m guessing they won’t forget the details surrounding one of their few card appearances.

Former Twin Jerry Terrell, more than three decades prior, loved looking at his SSPC cards. He rolled his eyes, laughed and told me that the sweaty-faced photo was from a hot Florida spring training afternoon, right after running wind sprints. 

Where was the photo taken? When (early spring training or regular season)? Who suggested the pose (player or photographer)?

The only thing better than an autographed card is one that comes with a bonus history.