Hello, Babe Ruth: Telling the world about autographs

RuthBabeAlanCohenYou can learn a lot from baseball researcher and author Alan Cohen.

Initially, he reached me through this blog. He’s in the home stretch of writing a fascinating baseball history book.

I spotted, via Facebook, one of his victories.

Someone found him on LinkedIn. Her dad had played in the “Esquire All-American Boys” game, a precursor of the Hearst Sandlot Classic.

See what the supporter included with the message. That’s her father with a noted coach:

Yes, that’s Babe Ruth, circa 1945.

Moral? Don’t be shy. Don’t be silent. 

Don’t spend all your time talking about the weather, your ailments, religion or politics. Share a passion. You write to former players? 

Of course, slip in a call to action. A request. “If you EVER have any tips or ideas…”

Then, don’t count the misses. Only the hits. 

If the world doesn’t know about your hobby, how can anyone ever help you?