Pitcher Bob Allen rewriting baseball autograph hobby history?

Do you think the stone-faced 1960s hurler would crack a smile at the thought of someone paying his new signing fee?

Time for an update…

Pitcher Bob Allen, back in 2013, was shocking through-the-mail collectors by demanding $100 per autograph.

What about today?

One hobbyist on the always-cool www.sportscollectors.net reported that Allen wants $500 per autograph.

If anyone gets a response from Allen that includes WHY anyone should pay $500 for his autograph, I’d love to know. 


1 thought on “Pitcher Bob Allen rewriting baseball autograph hobby history?”

  1. I have a question. Do you have any idea why former KC & Oakland Athletic, Tommie Reynolds, does not respond by mail? I’ve written him two cordial & complimentary letters over the past two years and never heard from him. Of course I included a SASE. His story is told in a great book, “Southern League,” by former ML pitcher, Larry Colton (he responds. Just curious. Jim


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