Tipping our caps to Billy Sample

Sample2BillyCommon question from collectors: 

“He answered my letter. He was great. I don’t like sending thank-you notes, though. I thank them in the letter. Is there something I could do?”

Yes. They support us as researchers and collectors. Support their projects.

Billy Sample rocks as an autograph signer. The awesome www.sportscollectors.net says he’s signed nearly 250 requests, a cool 91 percent.

I wrote about Mr. Sample in the past. He described his career, then told about a movie he wanted to make.

Mission accomplished!

Here’s his recent e-mail:

“There are four former major league baseball players in this college frat-like, strongly R-rated, satirical, baseball clubhouse comedy …http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013ZJ4FOO…Reunion 108, through Amazon and/or through the movie’s IMDb page, can now be ordered for rent or purchase in standard definition in addition to the established DVD availability. We actually have HD-Blu-Ray capability, but this particular Amazon aggregator, didn’t offer that option. There is another one that does, but in all honesty, the movie was shot on the Red Camera and that was the best definition available, and is of exceptional quality …”

Check the movie out. Write him and tell him that you watched it and liked it.

That may not be a standing ovation, but it’s close.

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