Can’t get your minor league cards autographed? It may not be why you think, reveals former catcher Jim Campanis

I found this at Before you assume no cards exist of someone, stop here!
I found this at the amazing Before you assume no cards exist of someone, stop here!

Ask. Always ask.

Legends have lingered for years about which major leaguers may not autograph certain cards. They don’t like being linked to that organization, or remain peeved they got traded.

I’ve never heard of a collector failing to get a minor league card autographed by a retiree. However, I assumed any possible rejection might be because of the disappointment of not making it to the majors that year.

Or not.

When someone posted a retrospective of cards of Jim Campanis on Facebook, the former Team USA member (with five major manufacturer appearances) commented that minor league sets did not necessarily pay appearance fees.

Oops. Shades of 1976 SSPC! 

How does he feel about a card that may have brought him NOTHING during his playing career, especially when someone asks to get it signed? He replied:

“It’s not the card collector’s fault the card companies are run by opportunistic a-holes who have found a loophole in the MLB player contracts. Collecting cards is often a shared love between fathers and sons. How could I be a jerk and say no to that even though many of my signed cards end up for sale online?

It feels like its my responsibility to keep signing them.”

We need guys like “Campy” on all-star teams. I’d vote for him. Thank you, Jim!

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