AAGPBL Women Still Signing

Hit an early-season autograph slump?

Harvey Meiselman’s baseball address list has an unrivaled collection of addresses for retirees who played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.
Imagine having your great-granny playing for Hall of Famers Max Carey or Jimmie Foxx. Forget the corny League of Their Own movie. These women were serious players. 
Write to one, and you’ll find out. The retirees still able correspond with fans like they’re kin. I’ve seen many on limited incomes who’ll shell out for cards and photos to send those who write. They answer questions and show gratitude to all baseball fans.
What to send? Custom card makers, check out www.aagpbl.org for inspiration.
Trouble is, the “girls” leaguer numbers are thinning fast. The league disbanded in 1954. The youngest player ever was 15. Do the math.
Write them while you can. 

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