Don’t “Dupe” Players With Duplicates

The new fall TV season isn’t in full swing yet. Therefore, if this seems like a rerun to some, I’m sorry.

I feel the need to recap an important message, however.

I still see notations on hobby forums, to the tune of: “Signed 9 of 9. Said he could keep extras…”

There’s an urge to hope that a vague offer will be missed in the letter. Then, the willing signer will autograph everything in sight. That gives the iffy giver trading stock.

That’s not fair, in my eyes.

Mark any extras with a post-it note. “Extra, for you.”

Then, add a SPECIFIC explanation. “Even if you don’t collect cards for your friends and family, here’s some extras marked. Please, keep them and share them with other fans who haven’t been as lucky.”

Or, as Christmas nears, ask the player to reward someone with the extras.

Retirees who go to the copy shop and make homemade cards for fan mail responses melt my heart. Help them help others.

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