After Boston: One Hobbyist’s Suggestion

My heart is with the people of Boston as I write.

Expect Major League Baseball and other pro sports to be wary of any fan mail for the near future.

With recent headlines, I foresee some fan letters getting RTS (return to sender) treatment, especially any oversize envelopes. Or, there could be a drastic slowdown in any replies.

That’s another reason to concentrate on contacting retirees right now.

Meanwhile, for anyone trying to write current players?


1 thought on “After Boston: One Hobbyist’s Suggestion”

  1. Yes I would have to agree with you. I have often thought about the entire TTM hobby and how it would react if some noted player like Derek Jeter or Albert Pujols were to receive some “tainted letter”. I fear that might end the TTM autograph requests of any type. I hope someone does not decide to be stupid and do something like that.


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