Making 2013 The Year Of Thanks

I can do better in 2013.

I’m grateful for every response I’ve gotten from a baseball letter. While I thank the reader for his time in my initial contact, I haven’t always responded to the amazing effort shown in many replies.

Isn’t saying “thanks” once enough?

It depends on who you’re in the hobby for. If you believe in scarcity, that there’s only a limited number of autographs being given for a limited time, get yours now.

If you want this hobby to continue for others, then don’t worry about doing too much. I want to believe there’s a big pie out there, and we’re never going to run out of slices. Thanking the baker/server/signer for the generosity may even get you seconds.

(Translated: there are autograph signers who’ll send thank-you notes for a thank-you note. Yes, you could become pen pals with a former major leaguer!)

And, I thank every one of you who read this blog in 2012 (and before!). I’ll keep doing my best to share the good news in “Baseball By The Letters.”

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