Could Christmas Cards Attact Autographs?

Posted November 26th, 2012 by Tom Owens and filed in Tom Gamboa
He’s the greatest Santa
I’ve ever seen in action.
I’m doing my best
to be good this Christmas!

Strings-attached Christmas cards?

Or, “Merry Xmas, gimme an autograph!”

I don’t think I could combine the two.

After I sent a note of support (NOT an autograph request) to then-Royals coach Tom Gamboa after suffering an on-field attack in Chicago, Gamboa sent me a note of thanks for my support, penned on the bottom of a Christmas card. The reply came in December.

I am monitoring the local retailers who sell individual greeting cards. They always have extra envelopes of assorted sizes. The unused envelopes seem to get pitched. I was given a bunch last year.

I see nothing wrong with sending a fan letter in a colored envelope. But expecting Santa, The Wise Men or any other Christmas icons to make the pitch for a reply? I can’t go that far.

Coming Wednesday: Remembering Gail Harris

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