Billy Cowan’s Halo Remains

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How can a reliable TTM signer just stop?

Sometimes, health gets in the way. Billy Cowan played for six teams in eight major league seasons (1963-72). Simply wearing the uniforms of the Cubs, Mets and Yankees have put him on many want lists.

As first reported on, Cowan was sidelined by a stroke in May.

A son wrote to a collector to explain the delay in signing. The man famous for his 1972 Topps card (hint: look up, and you’ll know why) is on his feet, making a slow but determined recovery.

Who’s up for sending a kind autographer some encouragement and thanks? Please, don’t make any autograph requests. Just encourage a gamer to return to action soon.

Write to Billy Cowan at 1539 Via Coronel Palos, Verdes Estates, CA 90274

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