Missing Kansas City A’s Glenn Cox

How much did this uncut sheet
sell for? The auctioneers at
Robert Edwards Auctions
hit a home run with this lot
from the first-year KC Athletics!

Thanks to the eagle-eyed readers who saved me. As I sought former 1950 Kansas City A’s to write to, I overlooked one sad fact: Glenn Cox passed away in January.

However, he left a legacy. Cox wrote a 2009 book The Way The Game Was Played.

I found an able substitute, catcher Jim Robertson. He migrated from the 1954 Philadelphia Athletics to the 1955 club in Kansas City.

I’ve wanted to find out from any first-year players if they knew what a treasure the Rodeo Meats team set was.

Most of all, I wanted to point out the importance of hobby buddies. Sharing information is one of the secrets to prospering as a collector.

1 thought on “Missing Kansas City A’s Glenn Cox”

  1. Do you know if there was ever a Glenn Cox Baseball Card? I have a team card that he was on, but I could never find a card of just him.


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