Seeking 10 More Billy Samples

Past teammates Sample
and Darwin both have been
signing more than 90%
of requests, says

I’m excited about sharing Billy Sample’s behind-the-scenes look at his baseball movie, Reunion 108, Friday.

Billy Sample is insightful, humble and FUNNY! Any team should dash to get him in their broadcast booth.
I know his movie will be the same.

I looked at the list of his first Texas teammates this week to choose who’d get my next 10 letters. My latest mailing includes questions to:

Dave Chalk
Steve Comer
Danny Darwin
Adrian Devine
Jerry Don Gleaton
Jim Kern
Jim Mason
Jon Matlack
Paul Mirabella
Mike Richardt

Coming Friday: From baseball to movies…Billy Sample’s winning game plan.

1 thought on “Seeking 10 More Billy Samples”

  1. Darwin is a great signer! Just don’t ask for any hair tips, lol! Steve Comer is a great signer as well, but will not sign more than 2 at a time, he’ll pick 2 to sign and keep the rest if you send more. Good luck!


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