Seeking Seattle Mariners, 1988-93

I got Hanson once IP
during my Northwest stay.
Proud of his penmanship,
he checked every card
for gloss before trying
to sign!

I lived near Tacoma Washington for almost six years. During that time, I tried to be a Mariners fan.

They needed me. Games inside the Kingdome reminded me of childhood Nerf baseball showdowns in my family’s basement. (Except snacks were cheaper at home, and the basement was slightly less crowded!)

I whipped out some old scorecards and found names of M’s I witnessed on the carpet. I feel that grass is needed to say “field.”

Here’s the 10 Mariners I’ve sent letters to:

Rich Amaral
Shawn Barton
Mark Grant
Erik Hanson
Brian Holman
Dave Schmidt
Bill Swift
Matt Young
Clint Zavaras…

and announcer Rick Rizzs

Wish me luck!

Coming Wednesday: One of 2011’s oldest minor leaguers responds.

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