One More Cent Makes Sense For Letters

While the price of everything is soaring, I’m not going to grumble over the one-cent stamp increase.

USPS employees always do their best for me.

In December, a substitute letter carrier apologized when I came to the door.

“I’m sorry I got your mail here later than usual,” he began.

I waved off his kindness. He was on a strange, new route, yet only minutes behind.

“I went back because Debbie (the postal carrier from THREE Christmases earlier at my OLD address) found this,” he continued.

The forwarding order was long expired. However, Debbie has never stopped looking out for us, seeing that every Christmas card found its target.

I recalled this happy episode as the possibility of moving again looms.

I’ve reviewed response times of many former players on Would I be so lucky again in getting misdirected mail?

To increase my chances, I’ve begun noting my parents’ address on the upper left-hand corner of my SASE. That way, if a retiree takes years to respond and I’m not in this current location, the “unable to forward” order can go to a stable address.

Coming Friday: The amazing baseball photography of Dan Xeller.

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