Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee Teaches Collectors

Posted January 18th, 2012 by Tom Owens and filed in Bill 'Spaceman' Lee
Beware of such impish grins
when asking questions
by mail!

“Stealing your other card.”

— Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee

In today’s Jeopardy-like post, I’ll quote the memorable report I found on a hobby website. Someone had asked the pitcher in a letter, “What was your biggest thrill?”

Beware of the overused questions. Some savvy signer might say, “Hey. I bet you just did a cut-and-paste from some how-to blog!”

However, here are some tips for asking a perfect question:

1. You can predict what almost anyone would choose for a “greatest thrill” career highlight. Even the greatest journalists ignore the “before” and “after” parts of the equation. How did the bench react AFTER your first-ever HR? how did the coaches react? Who congratulated you first? What did they say?

2. Never forget the feelings of a moment. What did they think? How did they feel?

3. Here’s the most important tip: relate the question to YOU. Ask about a game you attended, saw on TV or listened to. Show you care about the question, not that you’re just fishing for a hand-written reply of any sort.

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