Why Didn’t He Answer My Fan Mail?

The facsimile autograph is the
closest most collectors
have been to a Fick sig.

Sometimes, collectors may never know why they didn’t get an autograph reply.

Or, clues might not appear for years.

This “comeback” story about Robert Fick is a feel-good feature, for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s nice to think that someone can be happy again after overcoming alcoholism.

Secondly, Fick remained one of the most consistent non-signers of the past decade.

Why didn’t your letter get an answer? Hmmm…

It will be fascinating to see if four years of sobriety gives Fick a different outlook on fans and collectors.

(Thanks to Frank Barning for the Fick link. Frank, famed from his days as Baseball Hobby News, is writing a fun “Barnstorming” blog that spotlights key chapters in hobby history.)

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