Why Didn’t He Answer My Fan Mail?

Posted December 19th, 2011 by Tom Owens and filed in Frank Barning, Robert Fick
The facsimile autograph is the
closest most collectors
have been to a Fick sig.

Sometimes, collectors may never know why they didn’t get an autograph reply.

Or, clues might not appear for years.

This “comeback” story about Robert Fick is a feel-good feature, for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s nice to think that someone can be happy again after overcoming alcoholism.

Secondly, Fick remained one of the most consistent non-signers of the past decade.

Why didn’t your letter get an answer? Hmmm…

It will be fascinating to see if four years of sobriety gives Fick a different outlook on fans and collectors.

(Thanks to Frank Barning for the Fick link. Frank, famed from his days as Baseball Hobby News, is writing a fun “Barnstorming” blog that spotlights key chapters in hobby history.)

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  1. kregg says:

    Did you know Robert Fick is the answer to a trivia question?

    Q: Who hit the last home run in Tiger Stadium?

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