Going Deep 600 Times: A Blog Milestone

When I started writing this blog in February, 2010, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I vowed to swing for the fences every time I wrote. However, I’m sure my efforts haven’t cleared the infield on many occasions.

Not for a lack of trying. As selfish as it sounds, I must confess: I write for myself. I choose the former players who interest me. I select topics I want to read about myself.

In other words, I’m inspired by Mike Cramer, who founded Pacific Trading Cards. I asked him about making card sets.

“I make the first set for ME,” he replied. “It has to be what I like.”

As this blog prepares for a third year, I thank every reader. I promise I’ll keep bringing you the baseball subjects I care most about.

A second promise: every agent, every sports book editor, I will find you, too. These tales belong in a book. These names from baseball’s past have entrusted me with classic memories. Their stories deserve to be shared in every way.

Coming Wednesday: Meet baseball author Phil Bildner

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