Don’t Dupe Anyone With Dupes

Get them. Use them! I
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I still don’t get it.

I’ve seen three types of responses tracked on hobby websites. To paraphrase, these comments include:

“Signed 8 of 8. Said he could keep some for himself, but he signed them all!”

“Kept my set card. Signed everything else. Grrr!”

“Signed only one. Kept the rest. Geez!”

Let’s call these “yo-yo givers.” They want all the cards signed, but want to save time and postage. These collectors have a hunch that the ex-player may not read the letter closely, offering a same-day return on everything in the envelope.

The solution is simple: ask Santa for Post-It Notes. Mark each card with a FOR YOU if you want the former player to keep that card.

Furthermore, spell it out in the letter. Such as, “I’ve enclosed six cards. I’ll be grateful if you sign the three unmarked cards. The remainder, marked TO SHARE, should be given to anyone you choose. Please, treat another fan who may not be as lucky as I am to have cards of you.”

If the Christmas spirit convinces the autograph signer to remove each Post-It and return the excess autographed cards to you, so be it. I’ll make sure you get moved to Santa’s “nice” list.

Coming Tuesday: A Christmas wish for Ed Herrmann.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Dupe Anyone With Dupes”

  1. That really bugs me when I see responses like that. “He signed 8/8” or “10/10”. Why send the player so many cards? Sooner or later if that type of request keeps coming in, the player might just decide to start charging per autograph, which is ok, or worse, stop signing altogether. Send 2 or 3, be happy and then try him six months later or so.


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