Kevin Elster, Reggie Cleveland, Larry Gura Remain Bargains For TTM Autographs

Posted April 18th, 2011 by Tom Owens and filed in Kevin Elster, Larry Gura, Reggie Cleveland, Rich Hanson
Appreciate the facsimile sig.
This cup-of-coffee pitcher
now demands more than
$2 per letter for his last name!

 When in doubt, ASK!

One of the great parts of this hobby is knowing that veteran collectors will share their experiences with you. I called upon hobby veteran Rich Hanson for his impressions of former players charging for their autographs. I’m grateful for his words of wisdom:

“What do I look for in deciding whether to pay for a signature?  How tough the signer is otherwise, and how reasonable the fee is.

 One can find some good bargains in Harvey Meiselman’s list of signers.  HOFer Don Sutton @$5 a card, Reggie Cleveland and Kevin Elster @ $1 a card, Larry Gura $2 per.
 I’ve never had a problem sending cash by mail, but I don’t send large amounts.  Anything bigger merits a money order or check if they’ll accept it.
 I weigh the price on the player and how bad I want him in my collection.  Quite a few years ago I paid $5 each for two Dom Zanni autographs.  Now he’s charging $30.  Now I’d pass. 
Even worse is Bob Giallombardo’s $25 (double his amount of major league games, and Bob Allen’s $100 fee to sign a card (postal money order only).  This is either a joke gone awry or an extremely unrealistic request. 
 I can buy three Nolan Ryan signatures for what he’s charging.”

Tomorrow: The amazing mission of pitcher Larry Gura!

2 Responses to “Kevin Elster, Reggie Cleveland, Larry Gura Remain Bargains For TTM Autographs”

  1. ND says:

    I interviewed Giallombardo in 2009, you can read it here, “From the Big Apple to the Big Leagues.”

    He told me on the phone to send him a card and he’d sign it. He even gave me his address. I sent him the card and the article. Six months later I had no response. He never mentioned anything about a fee. I sent a follow-up with another copy of the article and a small photo and again he kept it. I know these players don’t owe us anything, but he could just return the items unsigned.

  2. MrMopar says:

    I have been looking for a Giollombardo autograph for some time now and have not seen a single one listed on ebay. If he actually signs for $25, I would probably pay that. I bet if his 589 Topps card showed up signed on ebay, it may easily exceed that as I know I am not the only fanatic Dodger auto collector out there.

    I agree with you though. Giollombardo’s career doesn’t warrant a $25 fee, but the scarcity he has created does apparently.

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