Saluting Pat Neshek, Our Hobby’s MVP

Posted April 4th, 2011 by Tom Owens and filed in Pat Neshek

The state of mourning continues in Minnesota. The Twins have lost Pat Neshek, their MVP.

Let me define:


Without a doubt, that’s been Pat Neshek. Stats aside, he remained the ambassador for fan relations. I raved about the enthusiasm he displayed for autographs in 2010. Now a Padre, Neshek continues his goodwill mission for the game.

On his Facebook site, a fan asked if he could still bring a Twins card to get autographed. (Translated: would Neshek hold a grudge about being put on waivers? It’s commonplace for a still-angry player to refuse to touch a photo or card depicting his EX-team.) Neshek replied:

“Yep. Bring as many as you can find.”

Check out this post from Facebook site March 22:

“Thanks for all the comments & support over the last couple days. It has made my day seeing all the responses…it’s overwhelming to see that support. SD is a great fit for me & right now I’m really excited with the way everything has went. I’ll miss all the Twins fans for sure & hope you will continue to cheer me on & as always if you ever need anything signed the instructions & address are always on my homepage”

I wish Neshek many happy years in the National League. I hope baseball doesn’t let this guy go, even after he hangs up his glove. I’d like to see him teach his fan-friendly ways to every team. Teams have roving instructors. Neshek could be charm school coach!

Tomorrow: Bob Lacey relives his first start and shutout!

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