Saluting Pat Neshek, Our Hobby’s MVP

The state of mourning continues in Minnesota. The Twins have lost Pat Neshek, their MVP.

Let me define:


Without a doubt, that’s been Pat Neshek. Stats aside, he remained the ambassador for fan relations. I raved about the enthusiasm he displayed for autographs in 2010. Now a Padre, Neshek continues his goodwill mission for the game.

On his Facebook site, a fan asked if he could still bring a Twins card to get autographed. (Translated: would Neshek hold a grudge about being put on waivers? It’s commonplace for a still-angry player to refuse to touch a photo or card depicting his EX-team.) Neshek replied:

“Yep. Bring as many as you can find.”

Check out this post from Facebook site March 22:

“Thanks for all the comments & support over the last couple days. It has made my day seeing all the responses…it’s overwhelming to see that support. SD is a great fit for me & right now I’m really excited with the way everything has went. I’ll miss all the Twins fans for sure & hope you will continue to cheer me on & as always if you ever need anything signed the instructions & address are always on my homepage”

I wish Neshek many happy years in the National League. I hope baseball doesn’t let this guy go, even after he hangs up his glove. I’d like to see him teach his fan-friendly ways to every team. Teams have roving instructors. Neshek could be charm school coach!

Tomorrow: Bob Lacey relives his first start and shutout!

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