Topps Botches Cub’s Facsimile Autograph

Mama Moore Catches
Topps’ Error

Scott Moore’s mom rocked the hobby world in February, discovering that he had hundreds of unanswered fan letters, some dating as far back as 2007.

Upon closer examination of the form letter APOLOGY she enclosed with the tardy autographs, parent Julie Moore even apologized on behalf of Topps.

You see, the facsimile autograph is of another player named Moore. The family tried to get Topps to correct the card (since this was his rookie card), but to no avail.

A player’s mother was afraid that collectors wouldn’t believe her son’s autograph. Scott’s signature is real. This time, the Topps facsimile was anything but.

Collectors should hope that every Major Leaguer had a Mom like Julie Moore. Our hobby would be all the better!

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