If Pitcher John Montefusco Was ‘The Count’, Giants Teammate John D’Acquisto Is ‘The King’

Awesome autograph,
all-star attitude!

 With some players, “Giants” may have been an employer or mere team affiliation.

With pitcher John D’Acquisto, it’s the size of his heart and soul.

You see, any announcer would look at my fan letter to the 1970s fireballer and shout, “Looks like there’s an error on the play. Let’s wait for official scorer.”

My scorebook says: E-ME!

I’m blushing as I write this apology. I’m sorry, Johnny D.

You see, I wrote this fan letter too late at night. It sounded good at the time. Through the power of Major League Forgiveness, I’m grateful that I wound up with an incredible reply from an amazing guy.

“To open this response to you, Tom, you mix me up with John ‘The Count’ Montefusco. My nickname was ‘Johnny D.’ Don’t feel bad about that. There are a lot of people that confuse the two of us.

If you are asking about ‘The Count,’ it is from The Count of Montecristo, [a nickname] dreamed up by Al Michaels and Art Eckman, our-then radio broadcasters.”

For a full look at D’Acquisto’s athletic adventures, enjoy this impressive 2010 interview with writer Peter Schiller at “Baseball Reflections.”

Tomorrow: John D’Acquisto recaps his first home run and talks fastballs!

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