Alex Trebek Helps Me With My Collection

Posted March 6th, 2011 by Tom Owens and filed in Uncategorized
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“Who should I write to next?”

Suddenly, I imagine Alex Trebek buzzing me out. “I’m sorry. The answer we were looking for was: Who are..”

I’ve taken to asking myself questions (in true JEOPARDY fashion!), trying to group former players into subsets. If all seven names have a common thread, writing the letters will be more fun. There will be unifying elements in all the letters.

Here’s the seven names I contacted in the last week. See if you detect a theme in the bunch:

Chris Bando
Tom Bradley
Ray Herbert
Doug DeCinces
Alan Benes
David Nied
Ken Frailing

Ideas? I’ll reveal the link I found in the collection tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Alex Trebek Helps Me With My Collection”

  1. kregg says:

    Did they all start their careers in KC?

  2. Tom Owens says:

    Good guess, kregg! However, here’s how my tiny mind works (or tries to…) —


    Famous older brothers who might overshadow you? That’s Alan Benes and Chris Bando.

    Good luck replacing a legend — Doug DeCinces, successor to immortal Brooks Robinson.

    Are you worth a Cubs icon? White Sox pitcher Ken Frailing, part of the package deal for Ron Santo

    Sit out one year for Uncle Sam — the military sidelines Ray Herbert.

    Are you blind without glasses? Visually-challenged pitcher Tom Bradley.

    Be the franchise cornerstone! First-ever Colorado draft pick David Nied.

    It’s tough enough to win a job in the majors. These seven had additional challenges, or higher expectations, in their careers.

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