Yankee Bobby Brown, the real ‘Doc’ Graham?

Before there was a Field of Dreams and a “Doc” Graham, there was Bobby Brown.

DOCTOR Bobby Brown.

The character who gave up baseball to serve others? The real-life Yankee did such a thing.

He walked away from the game to continue his medical career, with “if only…” being a regular refrain from Yankees fans. In an eloquent response, Brown wrote:

“I only played two months after being discharged from the Army — May and June. I retired June 30, 1954, to begin my residency in internal medicine. When I returned to the Yankees, I had not really played any baseball for two years. I was just starting to get my hitting stroke when I retired.”

He left with credentials any player would be proud of:

Five-Time World Champion
Yogi Berra’s roommate

More than a teammate, Brown knew the man behind the myth. I asked him what the smartest thing was that Yogi ever said or did, on the field or off. What reporter would bother quoting Berra sounding un-Yogi-like?
Brown noted:

“Yogi’s brain has always worked extremely well. When you study his statements, they always make good sense.”

Lastly, I wondered if Brown knew what a potent bat he wielded in his abbreviated career. I found that future Hall of Famer Early Wynn was haunted by Brown: 12 hits (2 homers) and seven walks. I thought Brown was entitled to a bit of bragging. Nothing doing!

“I was unaware that I hit very well against Early Wynn. He was a tough pitcher and it was always a struggle when he pitched against us.”

Enjoy these well-chosen words about Brown from some devout Yankees fans at Bronx Baseball Daily!

Tomorrow: Billy Moran documents the “many ups and downs” of his career.

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  1. Pitcher Ron Taylor did the same thing. After being a hero for the Miracle Mets, he became a doctor. He maintains a practice in Toronto and is also the team physician for the Blue Jays.


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