Newest Hall of Famer Pat Gillick Predicts Next General Manager Headed to Cooperstown

Ebay is swimming
with Gillick sigs
like this one ($35?).
he’s still signing
all TTM requests!

Pat Gillick, baseball’s newest Hall of Famer, is the makings for a made-for-TV movie.

Being general manager for the 2008 World Series champion Phillies? That’s just whipped cream on his sundae! Gillick’s involvement in pro ball extends some 50 years and several organizations.

Before becoming a front office executive, Gillick toiled as a scout. He added:

“Actually scouted for Astros and Yankees. Cesar Cedeno was a great talent that should have enjoyed a longer M.L. career.”

Gillick followed the path of his father, Larry Gillick. Dad’s first job was as minor league pitcher. The younger Gillick, whose minor league career pitching in the Orioles farm system lasted five seasons before injuries, remembered:

“Father was a good ‘AA’ pitcher. PCL was ‘AA in the 1930s. Hard worker my father, and served with the Mariners in World War II. Mother was an actress.”

In July, Gillick gets to address the baseball world in his acceptance speech. What executives would he like to welcome to the Hall in the future?

“John Schuerholz certainly deserving. Many young GM’s have great talent and are “prospects” for the HOF in the future.

Pat Gillick
HOF 2011″

How many people bothered to write to Gillick for an autograph before his new HOF status? Scouts and other off-field heroes are worthy autographs. Once Cooperstown agrees, collecting their signatures gets much tougher.

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  1. Believe it or not, Tom, I wrote to him a few years ago. I was interested in his autograph mainly because I am a Blue Jays fan. He also sent me a business card. I have also met him a few times at the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremonies where he also signed a World series trophy photo and a Blue Jays yearbook from their championship season. He is a very nice man, easy to talk to. I sort of regret not getting a baseball signed now..


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