Autograph University Inspires for 2011

Are we giving gifts as collectors?

Often, the hobby is about GETTING. Quantity tops quality.

That’s why Matt Ray’s all-star attitude is a gift to us all this Christmas. His new blog is Autograph University.

I confess. He’s a detour for me. I’m not an “in person” guy. Also, I’ve passed on the sigs of other sports or entertainment celebs.

However, I see lots of common ground between us. His About Matt page has a great story about the connection of baseball and autographs he shared with his father. He isn’t beyond asking a question or two when a signer has a moment to chat.

Best of all, Matt has a “Thank You” page. Everyone who’s ever signed in person or posed for a picture with him is getting an additional salute.

Matt isn’t being greedy with his success, either. He’s detailed the HOW of finding the signers, sharing how he discovers events, schedules and locations. With his recent marriage, Matt has discussed how he’s being more selective in his hobby. I stress this all the time. To fully appreciate autographs, decide who NOT to collect. Does anyone have enough time, money or space for one of everything?

Autograph University is fun and informative. I’ll hope to have more to share about this Boston area collector in 2011.

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