Phil Roof Transforms ‘Sudden’ Sam McDowell

Posted December 7th, 2010 by Tom Owens and filed in Phil Roof, Sam McDowell
Roof uses same looping script!

Phil Roof caught in the majors from 1961-77. The Kentucky native proved that good catchers win games, but great ones change careers. He wrote:

“I told Sam McDowell on a day I was catching him and told him no one could hit his fastball. He said, ‘I can’t pitch that way.’

The next start, I caught him and called for all fastballs until he got to two strikes. Game results: 10 innings, no runs, 16 strikeouts. The next start, he K’d 15 in nine innings.

Made a believer out of him.”

Tomorrow: Roof shares a lesson in pitch-tipping, noting that a code-breaker can homer with such inside knowledge!

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