Holiday ‘Forever’ Stamps Might Help

It’s the time of giving. Why won’t the postal carriers give us more autographs?

This is the “Tastes Great! Less Filling!” type debate of the hobby. Some collectors swear they find more players signing during the holiday season. Others swear the whole work takes a vacation until Jan. 2. No autographs, no matter what.

Don’t give up hope. Consider the holiday evergreen stamps. They have the “FOREVER” designation, in case of a postal increase. Plus, they might guilt out a signer who finds your envelope with “holiday” stamps got ignored until January.

The other longshot? Sending a Christmas card to soften up a signer. I wouldn’t do it. Even retired players know when there’s strings attached. If you want to send Christmas cards, send them as thank-you notes to guys who’ve signed for you in 2010.

Readers: do you get fewer or more returns before Christmas?

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