Marketing Guru Seth Godin Considers The Attraction Of Asking For Autographs

“I got your letter. Why do you want MY autograph?”

I’ve never had such a phone call. Nevertheless, I mull over the question every time I prepare to write a former player. Although I’m seeking a story, not a signature, I understand how I’d get lumped in the fan mail category. What makes me different? What makes my request worthy?

I’m a daily reader who delights in the commentary of Seth Godin. Even though he’s never addressed baseball, he offers inspiration that keeps me going in my quest to reach the storytellers from baseball’s past.

This past week, he offered an essay that pondered the appeal of autographs.

How popular is Godin? He’s inspired the Seth Godin Marketing Guru action figure!

Readers: how would you explain to a player why you want his autograph?

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