Pitcher Mark Dewey Fanned His Friends

Mark Dewey has an all-star attitude.

I just got a one-page letter in response to questions that began with an APOLOGY for a slow response to my July letter. Collectors are counting years with some responses. A few weeks? The difference between the mystery reply or the guy who writes that your letter got lost in a pile, Dewey noted, “I was away from home all summer (working as a pitching coach) and am just getting to much of my mail.”

Dewey added a Bible verse to his signature. Additionally, he shared a smile, proving that Christians aren’t without a sense of humor. When asked about batting 1.000 for the 1994 Pirates, he responded:

“I’ve milked a lot of mileage out of this one. whenever I tell people I led the National League in hitting in 1994, they soon figure out I was 1 for 1 and say that doesn’t really count. I respond, ‘Hey, I didn’t have any say in how often I got to bat, but I produced every time.'”

Through the power of http://www.retrosheet.org/, I uncovered a personal highlight for Dewey from 1995. He fanned seven New York Mets in one relief stint. Dewey replied:

I remember it was a day game at Candlestick and the weather was sunny with strong winds (not surprising at the ‘Stick). I pitched 4-1/3 or 4-2/3 innings, I believe, and I remember thinking I sure was striking out a lot of guys, many of whom were former teammates from my time with the Mets.”

In 1996, Dewey’s final season with the Giants, he reached a career milestone with 78 appearances. What about all the extra bullpen time? Dewey wrote:

“I actually kept a journal when I played and knew exactly the number of times I warmed up without getting in the game. I don’t remember the exact number, but I believe it was about 25-30 times. The Lord blessed me with a strong body and arm, and I trained faithfully — this allowed me to enjoy all those games in 1996.”

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