Seth Swirsky Baseball Correspondence Books Continue to Inspire Collectors, Fans

Never give up. Collectors rejoiced in the 1990s with the publication of the first of three books featuring correspondence from current and former players. Swirsky took fan mail to a whole new level, showing that former players might be eager to provide more than an autograph.
Although the books seemed to be out of print, Seth is selling autographed copies of his books by mail. These books are musts for fans and collectors. Don’t assume he has an umlimited supply. The last book was published in 2003.

While the author/songwriter/filmmaker has moved on to non-baseball projects, his website maintains a wealth of baseball material that the author has collected. He presents many of the vintage letters from players on his site.

When I look through Seth’s dazzling trilogy of books, I’m reminded how everyone has a story to tell and share. Then, as I see so many amazing letters from now-deceased correspondents,, I hear the clock ticking. How much baseball history disappears weekly, simply because we aren’t writing and asking in time?

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