Exploring Autograph Collecting Graveyards

All you need is a search engine.

There are many abandoned autograph collecting websites on the ‘net. At least, these are sites that have not been updated in 2010. I’d guess they may never see another addition. If the sites aren’t dead, they’re in critical condition.

What’s happening?

Of course, I know that keeping up a site takes time. Personal problems may ensue.

However, my hunch is that some of these webmasters have dropped the hobby. The cost of stamps, frustrating return rates for current players or players who scribble their names: many possibilities could convince a collector to surrender.

My advice? If you have a hobby website you love, thank the webmaster now. Encourage them to keep sharing their autograph discoveries. Your praise might save the life of the website you love.

Readers: do you know autograph collectors who’ve quit? What drove them out? How can we help others stay?

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