New baseball stamps coming!

I just saw this great pair of stamps coming in June.

I know, FOREVER stamps seem easiest, protecting against the inevitable postal increases. Adding a penny stamp (or more!) to each envelope is a huge annoyance.

However, I’m a believer that retired players pay attention.

In fact, I’ll be grabbing a quantity of the cowboy stamps, too. I’d say that nearly all baseball alums age 70 and above are likely to smile when seeing Roy Rogers or Gene Autry again. (Maybe the younger retirees played for Autry?!?)

I could send out more letters each week. Unfortunately, my increased quantity would make my quality suffer. I try to make every contact count.

I want each baseball name I contact to know I’m a person. I am not a robotic autograph collector mass-mailing the multitudes. A thoughtful effort heightens my chances for a personalized response.

How do you stand out in a former player’s mailbox?

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