Felix Jose, Autograph Detective!

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again.

I love the notes!

I used to focus on autographs. Now, I look for the personal interaction between fan and player.

That’s why I was delighted and amazed to see the recent discussion on www.sportscollectors.net, the MVP of autograph websites.

More than 1,200 collectors tuned in to, “Getting Caught Writing to a Player Twice.” A brave collector, who we’ll call “Jeff,” confessed to a time of sending more than 1,000 requests per year. In a record-keeping slip-up, he wrote to Oakland’s Felix Jose a second time.

The outfielder sent him a scolding in writing. I think “Jeff” has enjoyed his hobby summons more than any Jose-signed cards. F.J., by the way, included a phoenetic message that translates to: “No more autographs.”

Even if the signers don’t let on, they are reading our letters!

What’s been the funniest autograph reply you’ve ever received?

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