Grant Jackson, 207 Victories?

I just saw on the forum section of that relief pitcher Grant Jackson might be through.

Through? Through with answering fan mail. Some through-the-mail collectors have been getting their cards returned unsigned.

This sad turn of events comes after reviewing Jackson’s stats. Collectors had logged 207 successes for Jackson, a 96 percent success rate. Nearly everyone received a bonus in their return. Along with their requested autographed, Jackson would tuck in a signed postcard from his Pirates days.

Years ago, he sent me one when he pitched with the Orioles. Throughout his 18-year career and after, Jackson has been a rock-solid signer.

We may never know why he stopped signing by mail. His change of heart should remind collectors to make every letter count. Be individualized. Be personal. They do read what you write.

Even with younger retired players, there’s no forever. Don’t assume you can wait to get a response by mail.

What’s been your biggest disappointment, or surprise, through the mail, lately?

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